The Work of Byron Katie

When is enough enough? When does the pain of unhappiness with a particular situation get to the point of being the stimulus to try something new? When does the self judgment and fear of what others may think create a burden so heavy you find it difficult to move forward? When does the love you’ve longed for so deeply become the arrow in your heart? If you’ve answered “now” to any of these questions, we have good news for you! Your thoughts about these things may not be true. It may be that they are so out of line with the truth of who you are that it’s only in your believing them that most of the stress in your life is created.

Are you willing to invite these feelings into your awareness long enough to explore the thoughts that have created them? Know that this might be a challenge, for it is not generally how we respond to feelings we don’t like. In fact, most of the time we usually try and push these feelings away with very clever diversions. But guess what? As you know, they keep coming back!

Now, we’re not suggesting that you dwell on the past or dredge up old childhood traumas. We’re suggesting that you investigate the thoughts you are having right now . Discover the truth of them and allow yourself to feel and anchor the emotions associated with these truths. Most of the time we’ll discover that truth (life) is much kinder than our thoughts about it.

“Who would you be without your story?” is the question that echoes throughout this “work” of Self Discovery so beautifully described by Byron Katie in her book “Loving What Is”.

The Work™ is a process that clears the mind; a powerful method devised to end suffering. It is simple, life changing, and can lead to a life of freedom and joy that most of us can’t even imagine. Everyone can do The Work™. It requires nothing but a desire to re-awaken the truth about ourselves and explore our stressful thoughts.   The simplest definition of The Work™ is… Four questions and a Turnaround.

The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with reality. Katie puts it this way… “When we argue with reality (what is), we loose, but only 100% of the time”.

John is now providing sessions facilitating this amazing process. And through this facilitation, you may very well find that you have been arguing with reality. You may find that your shouldn’ts become your shoulds and that all those people out there who cause us stress become our Buddha’s.

If this sounds like the world in which you would like to live, we invite you to try it out. We had worked regularly with these concepts for about two years before we attended “The School for The Work”, a nine day intensive with Katie in which we lived and breathed The Work 24/7. Now, we’d like to share it with you.

Available Practitioners:
John Sparks

Typical Session Prices
1 Hour: $75
1½ Hours: $95

Prices may vary by Practitioner

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