RO-HUN is primarily an energy based system that blends spiritual and psychological techniques.  Through the release of negative energies and blocks (located in the major chakras and energy field) heightened improvement is experienced in:

  • The Human Body and Human Energy Field
  • Clearing Faulty Thoughts,
  • Self Concept, Compassion, Understanding and Love for Self and Others
  • Memories of Past Experiences
  • Awakening Sensitivities and Inner Resources
  • Expansion of Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Thoughts and Feelings About Life
  • Sub-Personalities (i.e. The Frightened, Unworthy, Helpless and Judging Self)

If you experience thoughts that create negative internal and external behaviors related to feelings of:

Isolation               Self-doubt            Self-hatred           Fear          Anger Guilt                       Isolation                 Longing             Shame

Death Urges         Addictive Behavior                    Co-dependency

The Absence of God….and More

Then Ro-Hun will benefit you.

For more information and to schedule a session call:
Dr. Renée Garrick- 708.283.0773
Email: StarrBorn1@aol.com  Website:  www.starbornwellness.com
Ro-Hun Card Therapy – $100.00

Ro-Hun Cleanse and Ro-Hun Purification Sessions – $140.00

Upcoming Events/Courses

Rock, Gem, & Jewelry Show

Moksha Imports Rock, Gem, & Jewelry Show Saturday, August 22, 11am – 4pm at Insight Awareness Ed and Sue from Moksha Imports (original owners of Sanctuary Crystals)  will be showing one of the finest selections of Rocks, Mineral specimens, Crystals and Jewelry. Showing Ajoite, Auralite, Cinnabite, Vesuvianite, [...]

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Reiki: A Life Path

What is Reiki?

The literal Japanese translation for the word Reiki is “universal life force energy”.  The same Kanji in Chinese is translated “life force from beyond the beyond”.  There is a strong underlying inference within both of these definitions that [...]

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Insight Awareness, a Wellness and Education Center, is co-owned by John Sparks and Valerie Reilly.  Located on the south side of Chicago, Insight Awareness provides alternative wellness and education programs for all who enter to find their inner and outer well-being.

Insight Awareness was inspired into being when John attended therapeutic massage training in 1991.  During [...]

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Tuesday  11am – 6pm Wednesday 2pm – 6pm Thursday 11am – 4pm Friday 2pm – 6pm Saturday 11am – 5pm Sunday & Monday CLOSED (unless you have an appointment with one of our practitioners)

Our store is sometimes manned by volunteers, so if by chance there is a closed sign on the door, [...]

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