If you believe that having your feet feel good makes your whole body feel good then you already know what Reflexology can do for you!

Practiced in diverse cultures for centuries, Reflexology is more than just a good foot massage. The entire body is reflected in the feet from your teeth and sinuses to your lungs, heart, and intestines. During a reflexology session pressure is applied to acupressure points on the foot. Through nerve pathways and meridians, messages are sent to those areas of the body creating responses that cause physiological changes to occur throughout each of the body systems.

For either preventive care or in response to physical or emotional distress, reflexology has been known to create changes that can bring about balance, ease, and healing. You will benefit from a reflexology session with improved energy levels as well as relief from stress and tension. It can reduce chronic pain, lower blood pressure, reduce tension headaches and mental stress, speed recovery from injuries and illness, and provide an overall feeling of well being.

During a reflexology session you will be asked to lie down on a massage table in one of our private rooms.  Pressure will be applied to your feet using the thumb and fingertips. The soles, tops and sides of your feet will be massaged, as well as your lower calves. Sessions can last from 15 minutes to a full hour. Throughout the session you will begin to unwind and feel the stress and tension melt away, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced. With the gentle art of Reflexology you can have an entire body massage–both inside and out!

Available Reflexology Practitioners:
John Sparks
Semala Telegba

Prices may vary by Practitioner

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