Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lom picLomi Lomi, originating in Hawaii, combines the use of prayer (pule), breath (ha), and energy (mana) with a variety of gentle and deep massage strokes employing the thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows to release blocked areas of tension in the body.  In Hawaii, Lomi Lomi means “massage” and “to break up into little bits”; in Pukui and Elbert’s Hawaiian Dictionary they describe Lomi Lomi massage as “to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat.”

Originally a practice that was only passed down through the Hawaiian families to the “one” who had the unique energy for this type of healing work, Lomi Lomi massage has now expanded throughout the world, largely due to the efforts of Auntie Margaret Machado and her family.  In 1972 Auntie Margaret began teaching Lomi Lomi to non-Hawaiian’s in her home in Captain Cook on Big Island and her loving legacy today is the Lineage of Aloha that gives you the opportunity to experience this deep healing work.

Many traditionally taught Lomi Lomi practitioners prefer to treat selected clients quietly and privately, often in home settings, rather than spa settings, asking their clients to pray, meditate, and engage in other self-help activities to truly help their clients obtain optimal health.  Deeper aspects of this heart-centered practice involve forgiveness and ceremonially letting go of resentments called: Ho’oponopono; “The Art of Setting Things Right.”

Lomi Lomi relaxes the nervous system, increases circulation and creates a tangible sense of well-being.  It is useful for maintaining health, and relieving pain from injuries and debilitating illnesses.  It is sometimes called the “dance of massage,” and is as wonderful to give as it is to receive.

When you receive a Lomi Lomi treatment it is said that you receive Aloha… the breath of the Love… the breath of Life…

This massage is 90 minutes long, provided by Valerie Reilly    ~    $100
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