Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy fits in perfectly with Insight Awareness’s purpose of deep healing at all levels.

Hot Stone Massage is a very honoring process and can be a spiritual experience. Mother Earth gives her stones as gifts for healing. Vibrations of the stones will interact with your energy field to facilitate the release of energies no longer desired. The weight and heat of the stones will reach deep into your muscles enabling relaxation, tissue repair, balancing, and the release of blocked memories stored in the muscles. The stones are heated in water bringing in the element of flowing energy. The stones will be in my hands throughout the massage-so “they” will be doing the massaging. Then, as they cool they will be placed around your body creating a physical security and connectedness to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth’s Stones are alive and have a personality. When I reach into the water to grab a stone, they know which one I need. If one is dropped it’s because they are finished working. At the end of the day they get washed of any energies they have absorbed and are then placed in an energy design connecting them to each other to become re-energized to heal again. On any given day, you may walk past my room and find what would look like a crop circle of stones on my table.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a peaceful way to return to your own true nature bringing balance to your Body, Mind and Soul!!

Available Practitioners:

Sue Andrzejak

Hot Stone Massage Price Guideline
1 Hour: $90 or 1-1/2 Hours $115

To schedule an appointment please email
or call 708-957-1284.