Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

The Kansa Vatki Foot Massage with marma therapy (Indian acupressure) is an Ayurvedic health care modality that has been used in India for centuries.  It is a unique and powerful holistic treatment that works to balance mind, body, and spirit. It helps to re-balance the three Doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), the body’s innate energies that make up one’s constitution according to Ayurveda.  Kansa Vatki means “bowl “, and the Kansa Vatki is a small 3-metal bowl containing copper, zinc, and tin. The full treatment takes about an hour and begins by cleansing the feet and follows with relaxing foot and leg massage moves. It offers many benefits: it nourishes the skin, and soothes the agitated mind.  It relaxes the muscles of the feet, the legs and helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression, and activate the immune system, and helps to detoxify internal organs. The massage also treats particular ‘Marma points’ on the feet and legs. These points create energy channels to various internal organs and doshas in the body releasing the free flow of Prana ‘the vital life force’ which is facilitated via the chakras.

Semala Telegba provides Kansa Vatki Foot Massage as well as Reflexology at Insight Awareness.

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