Integral Breath Therapy

Breathing…the single most important thing we can do for ourselves!

The breath is the meeting ground between the conscious and unconscious minds.  It is the access point that bridges the connection to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. ~Deepak Chopra

What is Integral Breath Therapy?

Integral Breath Therapy is a highly personal, experiential process that clears out physical, mental and emotional blocks and stresses.  All you have to do is BREATHE.  From our earliest experiences, we’ve learned to push away and hide our emotions when trauma, shock, sadness, grief, anger, fear, etc. occurs.  We often handle difficult situations by physically tensing our muscles and restricting or limiting our breath.

Over time, the ability to express and experience our true nature of positive feelings of joy, love, courage, peace, clear thinking, freedom of emotional and physical stress is lost.  Through Integral Breath Therapy, you will gain a precise key to you body’s natural healing resources.  All you have to do is BREATHE.

Take another step forward toward your personal growth and development, stress management, spiritual unfoldment, or combine as a support to your current psychotherapy, wholistic approach to well-being by experiencing what Integral Breath Therapy.

Each hour and 1/2 session consists of:

  • Conscious connected breaths
  • Guidance related to personal patterns and strategies for resolution
  • Awareness and integration of concrete techniques for use in your daily life

Benefits of Integral Breath Therapy are many and include:

  • Eliminates toxins , lowers blood pressure, reduces physical stress, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body on a cellular level
  • Reduces emotional stress, increases mental clarity, provides greater relaxation and inner peace
  • Unifies and integrates the body, mind and spirit

Introductory Opportunity!

Schedule your first 3 appointments and receive a significant incentive as a new client:$50.00; existing clients $75.00.  Regular session is $135.00.  Call Dr. Renée Garrick for details and to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Renée Garrick – 708.283.0773 or 708.957.1284