Medical Herbalist

HERBS have been our medicine as long as we have walked the earth. Until modern times, herbs have been our primary medicine; all cultures have used them in this way. We have evolved together, our bodies know what to do with the complex chemicals that are contained in a plant. They sustain us as our food, but plants are also here to heal us. Herbs remain a potent and safe therapy for all illness, as well as being superior tonics that can be used to maintain or optimize health.

  • Herbs have healing powers that synthetic drugs do not possess.
  • Herbs can stimulate the body’s internal healing response and work harmoniously with this innate ability to heal.
  • Herbs support that which imposes order in a healthy organism.
  • Herbs treat people, not disease.

Because herbs have many qualities or actions, an individual herb has many applications. They are often combined to effect a certain result or to strengthen certain organ or body systems. Herbs can be used for prevention of illness, as treatment of all imbalances either alone or with more conventional means, and/or during recovery to strengthen the individual and prevent new occurrences.

The study and practice of medicinal herbalism is more about which herbs would best address the cause or imbalance that exists than it is about which herbs can treat which symptom. It is much more holistic, much more about restoring balance to each individual. As this balance is regained, the healing of symptoms begins and health is restored.

Penny Will, our herbalist, has been preparing a variety of formulas to help promote your wellness or treat your disorders. Plants have been doing this for us for such a long time.  She invites any questions or concerns regarding herbal medicine.

To schedule an appointment with Penny please call 708-957-1284 or her home office at 708-647-1906