Aura-Soma Color Therapy

Imagine being able to…

  • Connect with your purpose and special gifts
  • Understand what you want out of life and how to attract it
  • Become more self aware
  • Have heightened information related to challenges/blocks that slow your access to the success you desire
  • Understand how the colors you choose are connected to who you really are and your special vibration…

Well, you can!  Aura~Soma is a self-selective, non-intrusive means to receive information about you and your unique color vibration.  Selecting four colors from a range of 108 beautiful, dual-toned liquid combinations created from pure essences and herbs, flowers and plants, with the energy of crystals, gems and stones is an enlightening experience you will want to have.

New clients enjoy an introductory fee of $90.00 for your first session (regular fee is $100.00)!

Dr. Reneé Garrick is a certified Level 1 Aura~Soma Teacher and experienced Level 4 Practitioner.  Call 708.283.0773 or 708.957.1284 for appointments or additional information.