Wellness Services

cropped-Session-Room-mobile-viewWe believe that wellness comes from the inside out, not the outside in. After all, the divine intelligence (by whatever name you may call it) that is responsible for the intelligent evolution of the universe of which we are a part, surely has the ways and means to express itself in the most appropriate and balanced way. We also believe that each person has their own unique path toward healing, and that our job as practitioners is to be of service in helping you find, and perhaps help execute that path. We believe that ultimately, by expressing our passion through the “healing” modalities that have called to our hearts, we can be of service by simply holding a Loving, non-judgmental space which facilitates the gentle unfolding of your truth and healing journey. In other words, we are not the healers. Through our “work,” we simply hold the space for the divine Intelligence in you to unfold and do the healing empowering YOU to expand to your fullest potential.

One of the things that sets Insight Awareness apart from other holistic centers is our ability to navigate what is trendy versus what has a heart inspired core. We were founded with only Reiki and Therapeutic Massage when the door was opened in 1994, and have expanded over the years to include staples like acupuncture, heart centered hypnotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Solfeggio sound healing with tuning forks, hydro colon therapy, ARCH (Hawaiian healing energy), Ro-Hun, ear candling, chair massage, guided imagery, chakra balancing, and much more. Of course we still provide both therapeutic massage with its many variations (like hot stone, pregnancy, lymphatic, etc.,) and Reiki, but whatever the modality, you can be assured that it comes from the heart.

For a general understanding of the modalities offered, just click on the service of interest listed in the menu. Also, take some time and search the practitioner’s page for more information about the dedicated people ready and willing to serve you. If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, you can either contact them directly or call us here at Insight Awareness. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.