Past Retreats & Travel

DeKoven Center Retreats

The retreat to the DeKoven Center in Racine WI, seems to enable a complete escape from the reality. The DeKoven Center is a wonderful old building that radiates comfort. The open grounds of the center with big beautiful trees, walking paths, and small meditation areas is perfect. If water is your thing, Lake Michigan is right across the street! I know for me, sitting on one of the benches gazing endlessly at the water brings a wonderful peacefulness into my heart. The connections we make are the best part of all. Sharing stories, laughter and even quiet moments around the bon-fire brings joy and laughter to the energy of the weekend. I can’t imagine getting through the year without this get away.

Costa Rica

At the beautiful Ama Tierra Retreat Center in central Costa Rica, we relaxed in the tropical rain forest amidst iridescent butterflies, giant iguana's, and exotic birds that doubled as our morning alarm clock.  Yoga in the morning was followed by breakfast and a short workshop using Himalayan bowls, meditation, or toning sacred sounds. Of course, many opted for excursions to scenic places that surrounded us. The regularity of the evening downpours became a highlight for us. One evening in particular, while Kenny Kolter and Jill Rutenburg played the singing bowls and gong in the open aired pavilion overlooking the rain-forest, the multi-layered sound of the rain and instruments merged to create a mystical vibration that can only be described as other worldly.


I felt like a blanket of Love had been wrapped around me. The air was pristine and an unusual bubbling of emotion was coming from deep within. As I sat on the lawn of our hacienda style hotel nestled in the Urubamba Valley (the sacred valley of the Incas), I felt an indescribable sense of serenity, peace, and love. I was told of the “Apu’s” that watched over these majestic mountains and could clearly sense their presence and power. It was so beautiful that tears began streaming down my face. Then I heard a voice–a very clear voice, that seemed to come from within my head but could also simultaneously be heard all around me. It said, simply, "Welcome Home."

Our journey to Sedona was phenomenal. We stayed at the beautiful Enchantment Resort which is nestled in Boynton Canyon. The weather was perfect and all our activities helped to open our hearts and awareness way beyond what anyone expected. Some were brought to tears by the beauty and insights they experienced while others couldn’t quite figure out why they felt so vibrant and empowered. The highlight for us came the day before our group of twenty four arrived. We were with Shaman Clay Miller on an excursion to Shamans Cave. The remoteness, the quiet, and the surreal beauty of the area set the tone for us to embrace the rest of the week with awe and gratitude. Thanks also to Astarius and Karl Anthony the for an amazing experience.

While Bali is considered one of the most beautiful places on our planet, my experience there was of mixed feelings. Certainly the landscape and the people are beautiful in every respect. Yet the energy there stirred up some unknown and uncomfortable feelings for me. It was only when I went to the interior of the land for some white water rafting that I felt grounded and whole again. I must say that if you ever get there, don’t miss the white water rafting. It’s the best!

Bali 2001

Egypt 2000

The energy in Egypt is phenomenal. The moment my feet touched the earth around the Giza Plateau I felt a tingling move up my legs. Bizarre as it may seem, sleep during the first two nights was an energizing experience as hieroglyphic scrolls rolled through my mind at an incredible speed. Don’t be surprised if on your visit you encounter unusual phenomenon of your own. Its reputation as a sacred and mystical land should not be underestimated. Make Egypt a must on your list of places to visit with us.