Annual Fall Retreat

Your Joyful Life is not "out there"

A Retreat on Discovering Where You will Really Find IT

Friday, Sept 8th - Sunday, Sept 10th, 2016
The DeKoven Center, Racine WI


How often have we said "I'll be happy when..."?  When my bills are all paid; when I have a new car; when I get the job I like; when I finish school; when I have my dream house; when I can go on vacation; when I retire... etc etc etc.

John and Valerie have discovered, through much internal introspection, that our happiness, or even deeper still, our Joy, does not rely on outside circumstance, situations or people.  Did you know that when you are in your natural state of joy, your heart rate, immune system, and ability to respond, all function optimally? Did you know that we are literally wired to be happy and to live our lives in joy?

During this unique and uplifting retreat, you will have an opportunity to connect with a greater sense of your own wholeness and internal joy! By engaging in discussions, meditations, and exercises you will see how your (often unconscious) thoughts and feelings may be preventing you from opening to the everlasting joy you hold within.

You will experience:

  • A simple breath presence meditation to release stressful thoughts and feelings.
  • Discussions on responsibility, forgiveness, acceptance, trust and surrender.
  • A powerful exercise, that you can use at any time, that will release the stories and feelings that keep us stuck.
  • Exhilaration when you discover that gratitude for Life, just as it is, is the perpetuating energy behind living Your Joyful Life.

The value of this retreat lies, not only in becoming aware of how our thoughts, words, and deeds impact our ability to live a Joyful Life, but also the awareness that joy is not in some far off place. It is always right here, right now, quietly waiting for us to notice it.

Early Bird Extended till August 23rd ~ SAVE $50

$275 per person Double Occupancy / $325 After
$300  per person Single Occupancy / $350 After

Includes Retreat, all meals & two nights stay

Early Bird Deadline 8/23/17 - Choose Double or Single Room

If you choose Double Occupancy and don't have a roommate, we will try to help you find one.

Otherwise, the cost will be considered a single.

10 Person Minimum / 20 Person Maximum

Basic Itinerary

  • Friday arrive to the DeKoven Center by 7:00pm, get settled into your room and join us for orientation and an evening meditation at 7:30pm.  You are welcome to arrive anytime in the afternoon to beat the traffic and have dinner on your own in the lovely town of Racine.
  • Saturday will begin with breakfast, followed by a variety gatherings, meditations and discussions. Lunch and Dinner is included in the day with free time to relax and a bonfire in the evening.
  •  Sunday will begin with breakfast, followed by continued discussions, activities and meditations, as well as a possible healing circle to conclude the weekend.


  • The DeKoven Center, having begun its life as Racine College, has guest rooms that are very similar to Dormitory Rooms ~ except with charm!  Very cute rooms with old dark woodwork throughout the building will give you the sense of history and comfort.
  • The bathrooms are shared bathrooms with individual showers.
  • Meals are served banquet style and we usually get to sit all together at a large table ~ very family like!
  • There is also wonderful shopping in Downtown Racine that you could take advantage of during free time, Friday before you arrive, or Sunday afternoon when we conclude.