In The Ever Increasing Race…


... of our hurried lives, we seldom take the time to “touch the Earth”. We are so busy trying to achieve our goals or deal with deadlines and issues that we lose touch with a fundamental aspect of ourselves; our connection to this beautiful planet and all of the life on it. That is why we like to travel to places that help us re-establish that re-connection. Traveling to “power” spots like Peru or Egypt is a love of Insight Awareness, but we also recognize that with the right community of people, any place can become a power spot.  Sometimes the sheer beauty of natural formations caused by the elements over eons of time are enough to inspire the heart and open us to the mystery of life. Or perhaps the spiritual history of the area is so strong that its essence is still available in the present. Whatever the reason may be, the tangible benefits of such excursions go beyond words. In short, these trips change lives.

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