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With respect and gratitude for the many who have served and sacrificed, for the four generations of men and women in my family, it is an honor to provide support to any veteran, active service member and/or their immediate family member during the month of November.

Please contact Dr. Renée Garrick at 708.288.4012 to schedule a one-hour appointment (subtle energy work, Reiki, intuitive counseling).

Seven spaces, free of charge are available. Blessings to you on Veterans Day, all year-round and throughout your lives… and thank you for your service!


Dr. Reneé Garrick has an earned doctorate in education and has served in the field of education as a teacher for students with special needs and as an administrator for more than 34 years. Her spiritual quest and desire to address education in a comprehensive and holistic manner supported her interest in complimentary and integrative modalities. She has successfully combined her unique gifts of teaching and supporting the “wellness” goals of others in her private practice that expands more than 20 years. As a practitioner and therapist, Dr. Garrick has assisted children, adolescents, teens, and adults accomplish their mind-body-spirit goals.

When asked how she knew the benefit of connecting the body and the conscious/subconscious mind, Dr. Garrick reflects on her support of teens during a visualization activity. “I worked with a student, known to have the classic characteristics of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. He participated in one session of visualization and guided imagery. The student and his parents were amazed about the calm and focus he possessed afterward and the ability to replicate the techniques. The student felt so relaxed that his body and mind could be at peace. His testament was, “Hey, when are you going to let us float again!”   Another teen, experiencing shock, ongoing trauma, and emotional challenges that caused severe instances of daily anxiety noted the next morning, “This was the first time I ever woke up without being in a knot.” It was then, that my belief turned to a “knowing”.

What the body-mind-soul stores inside, as a result of our life experiences can support or have an adverse impact on our daily lives. I desired to enhance my knowledge and expand my range of skills to address each wonderfully, unique client of all ages.  Using everything from, subtle energy and Light work, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Color Therapy and much, much more… as one size (or modality) does not fit all, has quickened a true passion to assist others in remembering the light that they are! I have studied with some of the best and world renowned teachers to continue my service as well as enhance my ever-deepening spirit-self. Celebrating the uniqueness of everyone, Dr. Garrick provides her service through private sessions, classes, and workshops. You are welcome to contact her for additional information and log onto her website- www.starbornwellness.com In the meantime…”Remember, you are the light!”

Renee is available by appointment only

You may call her directly at 708.288.4012