Linda Padgurskis, MBA, C-KOAHE

Linda Padgurskis spent 18 years in the IT industry working as a computer programmer in mostly financial institutions. After receiving her MBA from Dominican University in River Forest, IL she worked as a Financial Advisor for 6 years. In Feb 2008, she began taking classes to learn Hawaiian energy healing. In May, 2010 she received the highest ARCH® level training certification available (4th level) and is a Certified Kahuna Oneness ARCH® Healing Expert. She also hosts inspirational workshops at various locations in the Midwest.

During an ARCH healing treatment, client lays fully clothed on their back on a massage table. She will discuss with you afterward what messages she received and what you both felt during the healing.

ARCH® is a Hawaiian spiritual healing technique that helps restore a state of Oneness with the Universe. ARCH® affects all body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels, and heals subconscious issues as well as the problems you are aware of. They can help you heal just about anything, as long as you are ready to let it go and allow the healing to occur.

My treatments help you explore the deeper reasons why your dis-ease is not healing. You will make a conscious choice to heal, give up any drama and benefits associated with your state of dis-ease, and allow the healing to occur.

This powerful, vibrational Hawaiian healing treatment help clear emotional and mental issues, heal past lives and assist physical healing. It is recommended for addictions, fears, negative mind-sets and attitudes. They can also heal the spirit and allow you to feel a clearer connection with the Divine Source.

Currently she is co-hosting the Great Recovery radio show on Mondays 10AM-noon and God Stories on Sundays 8-9AM . Listen live at

Her first book was published in the Fall 2008. It is a spiritual and motivational book called P.H.I.S.H. which stands for her intentions everyday-Prosperity, Harmony, Inner Peace, Safety and Health and explains the 10 steps of feeling joy at all times.

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