Zen Meditation

Zen is the practice of full awareness, or mindfulness, of our lives. Not the lives we think we have, but our life as it actually is. One of the primary supports in mindfulness practice is zazen, or sitting meditation.

On Sunday evenings the Zen Sitting Group gathers from seven o’clock p.m. to eight-thirty p.m. to practice mindfulness through sitting meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), and readings. Our practice effort consists in two twenty-minute sitting periods, with five-minute walking practice in between. You may sit in any number of lotus positions or use a chair. The evening is structured to provide breaks between sitting periods, but if sitting becomes too uncomfortable you may adjust your position at any time.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. If you are new to sitting, please arrive promptly at seven o’clock for a brief orientation. We ask a five dollar donation as an expression of our gratefulness to Insight Awareness for providing this beautiful setting. If you have any further questions please contact Steve at 708-465-3116, or steve.mccabe6914@gmail.com.

Presented by Steve McCabe
Every Sunday

7:00pm-8:30 pm


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