Sisterhood of the Rising Sun

This circle is for women only. The mission of the group is to be a heart centered community that provides a safe and supportive environment to help women feel more empowered by embracing the divine feminine within.
Although this is not a therapy group, healing may take place and many may find it therapeutic. The purpose is not to focus on problems and obstacles but to take responsibility for these and to overcome them. Each meeting will be themed. Each meeting will open with a short heart centering meditation, include a check in, discussion on a topic or possible outreach project, and conclude with a healing circle for the Earth

Monthly Event
Jul. 11th| Aug. 8th | Sep 12th | Oct 10th | Nov 14th | Dec 12th

Contact Angela Bober to register:

Call or Text:  708-363-5355

About Angela Bober

Angie became a Reiki practitioner over 7 years ago. This started her on an amazing journey of release and transformation. Since being introduced to Reiki, she has completed training to facilitate past life meditations, cleanse Akashic Records, and intuitive readings. She has been helping clients release patterns and habits stemming from past lives and aiding them in embracing their divinity over the last 5 years. This was all made possible by the support and love provided through a women’s group.

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