21st Century Shamanism

There exists a stimulating process of frequencies that is currently changing and transforming this planet and everything on it.

These vibrations are allowing all Fear-based connections and realities to be elevated to higher Love-based possibilities instead.  Opportunities to raise consciousness and reach more loving, peaceful and joyful states of awareness make experiencing these times both scary and exciting!

These classes blend concepts of Shamanism, which is the connection and relationship to all things, along with the planet’s current 5th Dimensional Plane of Light & Love state and teach how to connect and create powerful bridges that link the old to the new for healing and transformative purposes and reclaiming True self and Destiny.


Presented by Mary Kritikos, CHt, CAT, RMT
Shamanic Teacher & Practitioner

Upcoming Classes:

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Must Arrive by 6:00 to complete Registration Prior to Class
Registration Deadline: Friday before class

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$45 Cash or Check Only

Class Topics*

Evolving thoughts and Emotional body

How to assist the Physical Body in its current transition and transformation

Learning about inflammation, detoxification and regeneration of the body

Aligning the Spirit Body and integration the planes

What does it mean to be in the 5th Dimension

The Divine Feminine

Ascension signs and symptoms

Learning about and working with the Shadow self to create Wholeness and Harmony

Chakra work and development


Working with Sound

Movement and Form

Working with the Medicine Wheel to change, heal and transform Self, Relationships & Life

Aligning with the Seasons & working with the Moon Phases

Working with the Elements: Air, Earth, Water, & Fire

Learning Shamanic Journeying and different ways to “travel”

Working with Essential Oils, Herbs, and Flower Essences

Intuitive Development & working with guides

*including but not limited to

**These classes provide an excellent support base and foundation for Healing, Growth, and Change. They are also supporting and guiding the Collective Consciousness and the budding Light-Worker and/or Healer that is drawn to this amazing work.

Mary Kritikos, CHt, CAT, RMTMary Kritikos

Shamanic teacher & Practitioner

Professional Clairvoyant/Clairaudient

Healing & Wellness Therapist/Facilitator

Personal Development & Spiritual Growth Teacher

For more information contact Mary at (708) 712-6643

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