Serenity Sistars present New Year’s Vibrations

Join Asheley & Cassandra, the Serenity Sistars, for a divinely inspired evening of sound and vibration, through Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tingshas, and Gong. Come to experience a deeply relaxing session, in which participants may experience a calming, meditative state through these vibrational and harmonic sounds.

Sound & Vibration has been studied by researchers worldwide, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to NIH, sound and vibration have been proven to provide definitive benefits in the areas of Parkinson’s, PTSD, anxiety, physical injuries and pain, improved brain function, COPD, asthma, and much more.

Although everyone is different, and depending on what each person needs, sound and vibration can provide healing for one’s mental, physical, spiritual, and subtle body needs. Come to experience the overall enjoyment and pleasure created by these soothing sounds, while releasing stress and anxiety, restoring balance, and enhancing your life. We hope to see you there!

Sundays, Feb 18th & Mar 18th
$20 Pre-register
or $25 at the door

For more information or to Register
contact Cassandra @
or call 708-663-5572

Cassandra has been a practitioner of yoga for more than 20 years. Her yoga teacher training is in Samapatti Yoga, a form of Hatha Yoga which is a practice that seeks to make yoga accessible to Every Body, She believes that in yoga’s 8-fold path, there is something for Every Body –  regardless of frame, size, weight, medical conditions, gender, life experiences and circumstances, or any of the other ways that we perceive ourselves to be different. From meditation to asanas (body work) to pranayama (breathing), and all other areas that yoga entails on the 8-fold path, she believes that Every Body can benefit from some element of yoga practice. In addition to studying Samapatti Yoga, Cassandra also studies and practices Iyengar, and Kundalini Yoga.

In addition to studying and practicing yoga, Cassandra is a highly spiritual and intuitive being who provides private sessions in addition to teaching an array of workshops which includes Sound & Vibrational Therapy (solfeggio tuning forks), Reiki (as a Reiki Master), Shamanism, chakra clearing, & other energy healing modalities, in both hands on and hands off formats, meditation, kirtan, and mantra. Moreover, she provides Soul Coaching sessions through various methods including Spirit Guide Channeling and Akashic Readings.

When not practicing yoga, Cassandra is a Linguistics & Communications Professor.

Asheley has been a massage therapist for over ten years. She enjoys lifting her client’s spirits and energy through therapeutic and relaxing massage. In addition to providing massage therapy, Asheley practices sound and vibrational therapy, is a food and nutrition counselor, and is interested in the mind, body, and spiritual health of those she works with.