Secret Door to Your Inner Soul

Evolution of the Soul / Shamanic Workshops
AND Secret Door Holiday Trunk Show!

Are you looking for something different? Something to invigorate you? Something to stretch your mind? Something that is not only fun, but can be life transformative? Then get out to Insight Awareness on Saturday, December 2nd!  This event will not only be fun, but holds amazing possibilities to plant the seeds of change- and what better time than right before the new year?

Mary Kritikos, professional intuitive and world-class Shaman teacher, will be offering five mini workshops starting at 10:00am on Saturday, December 2nd. Each workshop will last approximately one and a half hours and will cost only $25 each (Cash or Check ONLY). These workshops are designed give you a taste of different approaches you might find suitable for continued education and soul growth. But make no mistake, just because they are short does not mean they aren't powerful. Get ready to change!

Andrea Carter (Andrea the Herbalist) of the Secret Door Shop will be having a HOLIDAY TRUNK SHOW featuring energy altering products such as orgonite, jewelry, oils, soaps, metaphysical kits, Crystal grids, amulets, and more. These devices transmute negative energy and encourage healing in a variety of ways that everyone can use. All products are handmade, blessed, and explained in great detail by Andrea's deep understanding of energy.

Trunk Show 10:00am - 5:00pm