Reiki Sanctuary

Whether giving or receiving Reiki – the benefits are numerous. Reiki is a holistic approach and can bring healing and balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It increases your life force energy and promotes harmony, balance, and an overall sense of wellbeing. By increasing levels of relaxation and inner peace, Reiki promotes a reduction in stress, which lowers the body’s natural immune system and your ability to fight illness and infection. In addition, Reiki is complementary to medical treatments.

It is recommended to reserve your spot as space is limited. However, walk ins are welcome.

Sessions are 30 minutes long for a love donation of $20.

Dress comfortably

May 22nd, June 26th, Aug 7th
Sept 18th, Oct 30th, Dec 11th


To register, call or text (708) 363-5355

Angie is a Reiki Master Teacher. She started her Reiki path in 2011, after falling in love with the gentle healing of Reiki at a Reiki Sanctuary. She was attuned as a Level 1 practionary soon after. Reiki has aided her in releasing the past and finding inner peace and harmony. Reiki helped open her to spiritual connection and other healing modalities including past life meditations.