Student Testimonials

“John and Val, I want to tank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  I left Insight Awareness full of joy and love!  I slept so well last night… probably the best sleep I’ve had in months… and awoke this morning feeling like some unknown weight had been lifted off my shoulders!  Yet another unexplainable feeling.  I know there will be more positive changes in my life in the weeks to come as a result of yesterday’s experience!  I Am……… therefore I Reiki!!!”
–Wendy DeGroot

“The study and practice of Reiki has enhanced my life. My philosophy has always encompassed a view of the whole person—mind, body, spirit. Putting that philosophy into practice is not always easy; as a matter of fact slowing down enough to allow self-healing takes determination and a conscious effort. Reiki changed my life–my attitude, my health, and the way I conduct my business.

Valerie Reilly appeared in my life at the precise moment I was ready to advance to the next level. Her love, guidance, and teaching propelled me where I needed to be. Reiki training at Insight Awareness is a phenomenal, memorable occasion. The healing energy of the universal life force is felt–(present and strong)–even before the training begins.

I highly recommend studying Reiki with Valerie for a beautiful and very meaningful experience.”
–Michele Ferraro

“A year and a half ago, I was seeing a chiropractor because of the troublesome pain in my left ankle. I was on pain medication which left me foggy and did not do much for the chronic pain. After so many visits and to no avail, my chiropractor suggested Reiki and Massage Therapy, which he felt would benefit me. When Valerie began treatments, my left leg became very warm and felt as though “energy” was flowing through my leg. Also, there was a trembling feeling that lasted for a few hours after the treatment. After a few days the pain was gone and has not returned.”
–Mary Martinez

“If you have limited time for vacation, a session of Reiki will do it for you. It’s equivalent to an out-of-body experience. You’re transported to another realm while aware of everything around you. I am centered after each session with Valerie.”
–Shawn St. Claire

“This is a beautiful experience I can take with me in my personal, professional, and spiritual life. It’s something I don’t know what I would do without!”
— Nina Whitson

Reiki I & II–
“It was a wonderful class! I feel relaxed and a happy calmness. I am looking forward to the Advanced Class!”–Kristen Dutch

“Wonderful, Enlightening, & Positive all the way around! As someone with an illness you were very accommodating and understanding. It is more of a journey than a class!” Lisa Gruzewski

“This experience has been very cleansing and grounding. The world would be a better place if everyone could take Reiki”–Lisa Gruzewski

“Insight Awareness is a haven welcoming seekers with open arms”–Christine DeHart LeVan

“I liken it to a personal retreat where I gained insight and awareness about myself and others not only the practice of Reiki”–Louise Stalf

“By far, one of the most spiritually enlightening things I have ever done.”–Holly Pappas

Reiki III —
“Advanced Reiki III has provided me with yet a higher level of results in Reiki treatments.” –Jorge Viña.

“This brought me consolation that I do matter as a human having suffered mental abuse. How true that no one person owns another. Thank you for helping me. Words were just what I needed today.” –Bernadette Godfrey

“Reiki III was wonderful. I am looking forward to the Master Class!”– Lisa M. Gironda

Reiki Master Class–
“This class has deepened my knowledge of Reiki healing & excites me with the potential of the magnificent healing energy.”–Judy Wiggins

“This class is very enlightening and important to take to enhance and grow with Reiki.”–Lisa Gruzewski