The Nature of Reiki: A Path of Inclusion (book)

Written by John David Sparks

I had to let it go…

For years now I have been called to write a book on Reiki.  My first attempt was in 1999, and, powerful as it was, it was vastly incomplete.  I had felt such an urgency to complete it that I left out many important ideas.

Over the years, my understanding of Reiki, myself, and life in general, grew to a self empowering maturity which naturally wanted to complete what it had started.  A soft, but insistent voice was still calling to be heard.  Now, some 11 years later, I am proud to announce that The Nature of Reiki: A Path of Inclusion can finally speak.  It is a book of incredible scope and vision which I believe will shed new light on the understanding of Reiki.  A book that will get Reiki out of the box of a simple hands on healing technique and open the doors for new exploration to begin.

Embracing Reiki as the unifying energy of all life, it could change the world.  And while this book has vast implications and many new insights, it will never be complete.  In fact, I’ve had to work hard at detaching from it.  I know there is still room for improvement and expansion, but I finally just had to let it go.

With all of this said, I offer blessings of light and love to all of you as I give thanks for the sharing of this journey together.

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