Learning Reiki

Header for Constant Contact copyLearning Reiki is a very quick and extremely effective way of tapping into or attuning ourselves to the high vibrational qualities of God’s Universal life force energies.

If you have a desire to find greater calm and balance in your life, a desire to assist your friends, family, or perhaps clients in their healing, or if you simply are trying to find the next step in moving forward with your own path, then these classes are for you!

Learning how to use Reiki is simple and anyone can do it.  Reiki is always with us, so learning about what we already have comes easy.  Most of us just don’t realize we have it… literally at our finger tips!

Our classes are designed to assist you on two levels.  One level is giving an intellectual understanding that will pacify and fulfill the nature of the individual mind.  The second level is on an energetic level, enabling Reiki to gently unfold within you guiding you toward your highest good.  Both are important components to creating a balanced and powerful shift in your life.

We include interactive exercises like scanning the body, meditations, creating energy balls, and plenty of one on one time for your questions, giving and receiving treatments and more.

Of course, we also include Reiki Attunements to the level of training you are receiving.  This is a sacred ritual whereby your major energy centers, i.e. chakras, are opened to allow more Reiki to flow through your life with ease.

In our many years of teaching, we have found that even people who have been trained in other life force techniques benefit greatly from our classes and attunements.  No matter where you are at or how much training you’ve had, our Reiki training will deepen and enhance your existing skills.

We teach Reiki in four levels:

Levels I & II ~ The Traditions and Symbols are typically taught in the same weekend.  While not mandatory we strongly encourage you to take both levels together because of maximum integration and tremendously increased levels of confidence.

Level III – the Advanced Healing Techniques, is a one day class, and Level IV – Reiki Master Teacher Class, is a two day class.

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