Reiki: A Life Path Courses

Header for Constant Contact copyWhat is Reiki?

The literal Japanese translation for the word Reiki is "universal life force energy".  The same Kanji in Chinese is translated "life force from beyond the beyond".  There is a strong underlying inference within both of these definitions that this life force energy is spiritually guided.

We define Reiki by saying that it is "an aspect of the life force energy whose nature is light and love" within the simplicity of this definition lies the secret that makes Reiki such a powerful force on this planet; namely, the connection to our heart. Offering the life force without acknowledging the heart connection is to minimize the very thing we are all longing for... unconditional Love.  This is the true spiritual component that makes our work so satisfying.  This is the fundamental healing element within Reiki that connects us to all living things. It is what guides us to the next door to be opened, to the next meaningful relationship and ultimately to the destruction of our ego-controlled mindset which thrives on separation, complexity, and exclusivity.  When embraced in this manner, Reiki truly becomes a path of inclusion.

Most people define Reiki as a technique or healing modality.  In other words, they describe an approach to using Reiki.  Ultimately, any definition with which we attempt to explain Reiki will fall short of its full potential because definitions are only mental constructs.  Yet, the need to discuss its nature is part of the human path which leads us to realize that Reiki's true nature can only be known by the heart.

An intellectual understanding of Reiki is not fully possible. The good news is that it’s already inside of each and every cell of our bodies, waiting to be felt and worked with.  The even better news is that anyone can learn to access, use, and change their life through this powerful energy.  Reiki is a complete system of holistic healing and personal development.  Its versatility is limited only by your imagination.  You can use it to heal yourself and others, achieve goals, develop higher consciousness and fulfill your spiritual purpose.  All of our classes are taught with this in mind.

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