Qigong Class

For Your Health, Happiness and Higher Consciousness

Qigong is a system of energetic and meditative practices that originated in Ancient China. The simple movements of Qigong help balance the flow of Qi (life force energy) so that physical, energetic and spiritual vitality can be restored and maintained. It is, therefore, a great stress reducer.
In this class, you will experience a variety of qigong forms to help loosen the body, clear stagnant energy, open energetic pathways and build qi. Additionally, the Zhineng Qigong form “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down” further opens pathways, increases vitality and awakens healing energy.
Qigong benefits people of all physical abilities, all chronic illnesses and certain injuries. It relaxes muscles and tendons and opens joints allowing Qi to flow and heal. With continued practice and dedication, one finds that the meditative Qigong practices allow one to relax and open their pathways even more, bringing them deeper into the subtle realms. Qigong can be a powerful form of meditation leading to blissful states of tranquility, greater awareness and ultimately, higher consciousness.

About Alice Kornblum, Doctor of Medical Qigong and Certified Qigong Instructor has been teaching Qigong since 2008 and offering Medical Qigong Therapy treatments since 2013. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Reiki Master.


First Thursday of every Month

November 1st | December 6th
$30 Early Bird ~ $35 Cash only @ the door

Contact Alice Kornblum to Register…
E-mail akorn56@aol.com or call 708-785-4585

Cancellation Policy:
One week and more notice of cancellation, your funds will be refunded to you less 25% of class fee. Less than one week notice of cancellation, funds will not be refunded, but can be transferred to any Insight Awareness OR John Sparks/Valerie Reilly future class or event within the next year. If Insight Awareness OR John Sparks/Valerie Reilly cancel their sponsored class or event, your funds will be refunded in full.

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