Private Sessions with Source

Elliott Eli JacksonThrough International Channel and Author Elliott Eli Jackson

In a private session, Source comes through Elliott and speaks directly with the client. Elliott himself is not conscious and does not recall anything that occurs in the session. It is a uniquely powerful healing session, and is unlike anything that they have experienced before. Source will give information to each person that will assist them in increasing their vibrational level in all aspects of their fourfold being i.e. spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. They will lay out a specific plan that, if followed, will open the doors for success in all areas of their life. They will answer anything that the individual asks about. It is a one of a kind, life-changing experience. It is important to understand that no question is off-limits.

January 13th & 14th, 2018
Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am to 5:00pm
$130 for 1 hour or $75 for ½ hour

To Register: visit to send a request for a time slot or Call 312-256-6425 to set up appointment.

Bring: Paper to take notes, session may be recorded. However, because of the energy that will emanating from Source through Elliott, often some of the recording may be missing or sometimes nothing records at all.

Call 312-256-6425 to Register