Past Life Meditation

People say “I must have known him/her in a past life” or “I must have ___ in a past life” and then dismiss it.
However, past lives can affect current lifetimes. We will discuss how phobias, relationships, and more could stem from past lives and how accessing them could promote healing. I will then lead the group through a guided meditation to assist participants in retrieving past life memories and begin healing them.  After the meditation, participants will be given time to journal and process their journeys.

June 28th | Aug 23 | Nov 29

Contact Angela Bober to register:

Call or Text:  708-363-5355

About Angela Bober

After experiencing the transformational power of accessing past life memories, Angie fell in love with this healing modality. She attended a week long training lead by Dr. Brian Weiss in 2013. She has been assisting groups and individuals in accessing, understanding, and healing past lives ever since.

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