Linda’s Lowdown on Low Carb

Hosted by Linda Padgurskis

May 5th, 2018

Fee for Class
$25 if received by April 21st
$40 thereafter

To register, please call Linda at (312) 209-8534

Space is limited.

Please bring a blanket and pillow. We will be lying on the floor during meditations.
If it is too difficult to lay on the floor, you may sit in a chair.

...and other Health Tips

So you have cleansed your body of the weight needing to be shed. You have done a fantastic job on that. It is no coincidence that you have cut your hair. Your physical appearance is very different. And now once again it is time to shed everything that needs to be released. Let it go! Look beyond what you see-expand-be limitless. Jump higher, reach farther, go beyond what you could even think possible. Make this your goal.

--Part of channeled writing from the angels Linda received on 04/18/17 3:51AM

During this workshop:

We will discuss my experience on the low card diet that changed my life and the supplements and foods that I’ve used for years that have that have helped me stay in good health. I will be giving a lot of information and handouts will be given. Note taking is recommended.

  • Receive information on what foods are low carb and just how many carbs are in some popular foods that are probably in our shopping carts.
  • Learn how you can still eat foods like bread, pasta and sweets and recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  • Discuss supplements and other foods I’ve used daily for years and their benefits.
  • Experience a meditation to help with dieting and health eating.
  • A group ARCH Healing (Hawaiian Energy Healing) which heals body, mind, spiritual and emotional levels will be given. Appointments can be made at Insight Awareness for individual healings.
Linda Padgurskis, MBA, C-KOAHE (Certified Kahuna Oneness ARCH Healing Expert)


Linda’s book P.H.I.S.H. about the 10 steps to feeling joy at all times; her book on CD and P.H.I.S.H. Mist (essential oil) will be available for purchase.

As a Hawaiian energy healer and a channeler of the angels, Linda has learned about blockages preventing one from moving forward in a positive way. This powerful class is taught so that you can take the steps to change your life in unlimited ways. Linda Padgurskis, MBA, C-KOAHE (Certified Kahuna Oneness ARCH Healing Expert), an accomplished speaker and published author is a married mother and grandmother.

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