The Forgiveness Workshops

Part 1: The Forgiveness Workshop

Would you like to open yourself to more self acceptance and self love?
Would you like to experience the gift of loving unconditionally and being a loving presence for others?

The key is FORGIVENESS. Holding on to feelings and unresolved emotions that no longer serve you (i.e., anger, sadness, despair, grief, guilt and shame) resulting from personal behavior or that of others has the potential to lessen the amount and experience of love that you richly deserve!

This very meaningful workshop will provide you with a sacred opportunity to open more to of your self and love for others. The key is FORGIVENESS.

During the workshop you will:

* Understand how unresolved emotions about your self and others creates challenges
* Recognize where these emotions are held in your body
* Connect the language of thoughts to the action of behavior in your daily life
* Learn ways to release the unresolved thoughts and emotions which "hold you"
* Experience a powerful means of forgiving yourself and others
* Recognize important life lessons and create a "healing bridge" for immediate use
* Make amends …the beginning

Give yourself a gift of forgiveness and enhance the blessing you are to yourself and others!

Part 2: After Forgiveness

After forgiving, do you still “feel” connected to the person or circumstance?
Do you find yourself continuing to think and/behave in ways that are limiting, negative, creating challenges in your life?
Would you like to experience a heightened sense of healthy openness, wholeness, freedom and positive changes in your life?

These shifts and awareness is entirely possible when you engage in the next step! What is the next step after forgiveness? It's understanding the importance and then implementing sacred amends to others and yourself.

This workshop will:
* Provide information about where and how negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behavior are held in your chakras and subtle energy field (aura)
* Offer an understanding of manners negative thoughts and disruptive behavior creates a "hook” to what you want to release and even dis-ease
* Provide insight into how persecution harms yourself and others…”Persecutor” and “TheShadow”
* Provide a means to release and positively feel the void after forgiveness
* Practice in creating and making amends
* Offer the introduction to activating integrity and more…

The Forgiveness Workshop

Saturday, October 15
9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

After Forgiveness Workshop

Saturday, October 15th



For information and registration contact Dr. Renée Garrick (708) 288-4012

All Students: Please bring a notebook/journal and writing utensil for BOTH classes

The Forgiveness Workshop

About Dr. Renée Garrick

Dr. Renée Garrick has an extensive background in multiple holistic wellness modalities. For more that 25 years, she has maintained a private practice that serves young children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Dr. Garrick serves this diverse populations using Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, subtle energy and spirit-mind-body systems that support clients accomplish their wellness goals. Dr. Garrick is an ordained minister and has a masters degree in RoHun (a spiritual and energy psychotherapy system).  She is she is an advanced, certified hypnotherapist and teacher of this modality, using her skills to guide other professionals in the Midwest region develop their skills.  Dr. Garrick is also certificate as a teacher of Entura Art and channels soul portraits for those wanting a view of their beautiful soul essence.  She enjoys facilitating group sessions and personal growth workshops.