Enchanted Holiday Evening

Presented by Judith Monahan & Sue Ellen Roberts

Friday, December 7th


$40.00 includes refreshments
Registration Deadline Wednesday, December 5th

If you are looking to find that true holiday spirit in abundance this year, may we suggest attending an amazing evening of expanding your heart and understanding with Judith Monahan and Sue Ellen Roberts as they offer their service as channels for The Brotherhood for Healing and the Angels.

It is with great pleasure and overwhelming gratitude that we can offer an evening with two of the people that help create the energetic  foundation of Insight Awareness back in the early ’90’s.

Do you have questions about the untold story of the great spiritual masters or perhaps about the direction the world is heading? How about personal questions regarding yourself, family, or loved ones? Nothing is off limits on this incredible evening as we share food, drink, and most importantly, our light as the spiritual family we are right before Christmas.

Register now and bring a friend as this is a one of kind event!

JudithMonahan Pic

Christmas is a time of hope, renewal, and celebration.  Give yourself a special gift and for a few hours put aside the struggle.  Come and relax, renew and celebrate.  Listen to messages of hope for a better tomorrow.  Allow the “Brotherhood for Healing and the Angels to uplift your spirit and heal your heart.   Allow the magic of the evening to assist you in creating new dreams and building a brighter future. You live in a time of transformation and your planet and your reality is changing so rapidly.  There is no need to panic.  Love will support you and assist you in creating new dimensions where you can soar to new heights.  Struggle is in your rear view mirror.  Come and allow your body, mind and spirit to relax and transform in the energy of peace, hope, joy and love.

-message from the Brotherhood for Healing, channeled by Judith Monahan

Sue Ellen

During this preparation time for the holidays, we should stop for a moment or two and listen.  It will keep us sane, less stressed and peaceful.  Listening to the angels tell their tales of peace, joy and Love will fill your heart with more than you can imagine.  Angelic channel, Sue Ellen Roberts, offers you an opportunity to do just that….listen to the angels.  The angels speak through her and share their wisdom about any subject you desire.  They will answer your questions or you can just sit back and allow them to share.  A powerful hour of intimate information to assist you in your journey through the holidays.

And the angels say: “We come to you in peace and Love throughout the years, but at this special time in your world, we will be happy to enlighten, amuse and converse.  You are most welcome to join us!”

~ Sue Ellen Roberts ~