Healing with EFT Workshop

Introduction to EFT

Three “Too good to be true” topics:

1. Learn and actually experience EFT, the gentle tapping therapy for emotional and physical symptom release. PTSD, grief, digestive issues, hip-knee-back-shoulder pains substantially lessen. The instructor guarantees success in every private session. “EFT With A Guarantee”. “This one session with you has done more for me than 16 years of therapy.” (From a former nun, out of the convent for 17 years, trou-bled by grief, PTSD & digestive problems.)

2. Learn how you are effected by other peoples’ energy (negative & positive) and how to protect yourself from the negative energy. Learn a quick and effective Release of Spirits.

3. Experience a free 8 minute PEMF (Bio-Electronic-Magnetic Energy) therapy session. One million in use in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and in homes outside the USA. FDA registered. Free session, normally $35 for 8 minutes at doctors’ offices. Great health benefits (Increased blood flow, more energy) & a great business opportunity.

Presented by Tom Masbaum

Saturday, August 5, 2017

$39 Pre-registration/ $50 @ the Door

Call Tom @ 708.955.3634 to register
or email him at EFTwithTom@gmail.com

***CE’s available for RN’s, LPN, LCSW’s (limited), Massage Therapists & Yoga instructors.

Tom Masbaum

Tom Masbaum has been an “EFT With A Guarantee” therapist since 2004, teaching EFT in hundreds of classes and workshops, in 12 States, London, England and 5 local colleges. He has had over 7,000 individual sessions, mostly on the phone, and loves his work. Workshops include 2 hour, 6 hour (A.R.E. in Virginia Beach = 86 people at $165.), and 12 hour pre-certification workshops for laymen and professional therapists. “Life changing” is a common phrase found in the feedback forms from Tom’s workshops.


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