Would you love to get out of the rat race of life and hang out in a peaceful environment a few hours a week?  Do you love the feeling of helping others and spending time with like-minded people?  Do you enjoy personal growth, wellness services, products to illuminate your life and more?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions AND are able to answer phones, help customers, register participants for workshops, navigate a computer and the internet, do a little marketing and/or clerical tasks, and even take the garbage out occasionally, lol…

…then we’d LOVE to have you!!

If you would enjoy offering your heart and skills at Insight Awareness then please fill out this Volunteer Application and fax, email or snail mail it to us. We have a variety of hours and skill sets we are always looking for that would support Insight in doing what it does best; and with gratitude will be offering some wonderful perks and discounts to YOU as reciprocity!

We so look forward to hearing from you and sharing our wonderful center with you!

Please send your application to Valerie Reilly, Co-Owner at:


Fax: 708-957-1141

Mailing address: 18110 Martin Ave., Homewood, IL  60430.

What some of our volunteers say…

Walking into Insight Awareness for the first time was like breathing in ocean air and spring flowers and dancing clouds.  I wanted to be there all the time!  When Val shared the wish for having volunteers to help out so that she and John could concentrate on creating more offerings, I immediately said I could help.  They showed me ‘the ropes’ in terms of basic tasks that could be done, encouraged me to explore and offer new initiatives, and trusted me to serve with love–just as they do. Greeting all the lovely souls who entered this special space and encouraging them to partake and come again were always highlights for me.  If you have a few hours or days to gift to Insight Awareness, I heartily endorse your doing so.  You will be blessed beyond measure. ~ Johanna Manasse

I volunteer at Insight Awareness because when I walk through those doors an immediate sense of calm comes over me. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, if just for a bit, and a chance to meet the great people of this community. Maybe it’s the sound of the music, the smell of incense, the sense of family there, the practitioners or the down to earth customers. I think it’s all those things.  ~ Jessica Sanchez

I volunteered with Insight Awareness because I had a few hours I could spare.  The owner’s explained everything that was needed and were always available for questions; they made it really easy to support and feel like I was contributing and appreciated for supporting their efforts.  They are constantly serving others and it was nice to be able to help them and Insight Awareness.  As a long time customer of Insight Awareness, it has always been a place I would go to relax and for support.  It made perfect sense to me, to spend more time in that environment.  *note for John and Val – just opening the website page brings me to your space and a state of calm and relaxation* I believe in what they are offering and wanted to support that. ~ Abbey Fitzgerald