About Us

Insight Awareness

Insight Awareness, a Wellness and Education Center, is co-owned by John Sparks and Valerie Reilly.  Located on the south side of Chicago, Insight Awareness provides alternative wellness and education programs for all who enter to find their inner and outer well-being.

Insight Awareness was inspired into being when John attended therapeutic massage training in 1991.  During that training he was exposed to many alternative ways of treatment.  He realized not only a physiological impact, but a psychological one as well.  He had rediscovered his passion!  In 1994, after working many years in a job where watching the clock was part of his day, he took a huge step… he left his secure job, and opened the doors to Insight Awareness.  Over the years, offering massage and other adjunct services, John established a solid foundation of alternative health and wellness.

Valerie, having her own unique experiences discovering her purpose, joined John in 2004.  Her passion… to provide a safe place, alternative services, and inspiring programs, for all who desired more in life than just survival!  Valerie’s vision, coupled with her open heart, enthusiasm, and wisdom from facilitating personal growth programs over the previous 30 years brought a much needed boost to Insight Awareness.

Many people in the world are struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically.  They are over worked, stressed, and out of balance… basically in survival mode just trying to get through the day.  Having tried various ways to feel better, their discontent and dis-ease remains.  They are searching for another way, a safe place where they can find balance, joy for living, and a reason to move forward in this very challenging world.

Insight Awareness provides that place, a place many people call “home”, where each person who enters its doors instantly feels an “ah”, a sense of relief from the everyday go-go-go.  Not only does Insight Awareness provide many services and courses to enable growth, wellness, and peace of mind, but it exudes an energy if you will, of exactly what people are looking for within themselves… a breath of fresh air!

Specifically, Insight Awareness provide a variety of massage techniques, acupuncture, a medical herbalist, colon-hydrotherapy for detoxing the body, foot reflexology, meditation, yoga, sound and color therapy, hypnotherapy, inspirational retreats locally and internationally, a gift shop that offers books, music and more to inspire joyful living.

We LOVE what we do and what we offer.  We believe that everyone on this planet is entitled to living a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling life.  We are committed to do whatever we can to enable just that!

John and Valerie, their practitioners, teachers, and staff, have the opportunity to live who they are at Insight Awareness.  They offer their expertise and their hearts to every person who walks through the doors.  Not a day goes by where the clock is watched.  On the contrary, 10 to 12 hour days are a joyful blink of the eye.

So make yourself a cup of tea, peruse our site and get to know our home “on-line”. We look forward to meeting you. Call, email and definitely come in to say “hi” anytime.

In love and light,

John & Valerie

john@insightawareness.com & valerie@insightawareness.com