About Us


At Insight Awareness we believe that joy is the natural state of our being; that peace is  available beneath conflict; and that our soul, or inner-being, or whatever you wish to call it, is always guiding us to uncover and maintain these states of health and consciousness while experiencing life on this most beautiful planet.

As a Wellness and Education Center located on the south side of Chicago since 1994, we provide a place of unconditional acceptance for you to explore various options on your healing path back to this natural state. These include individual sessions of modalities like massage therapy, Reikii, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, and much more. (see wellness services)

We also offer classes and workshops in such things as meditation, Zentangle, Reiki, Raw Food Support Groups, shamanic training, sound and color workshop, and more. (see courses and events)

If you enjoy travel, you will most certainly want to join us in one of our future endeavors to a sacred place.  In the past, we have traveled to places like Peru, Egypt, Ireland, Bali, Sedona, and Costa Rica. You can view some of our photographs to these places if you click on travel.

So grab a cup of tea, peruse our website, and enjoy reading about the many offerings we so gratefully have available. Don’t forget to sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter so that you can be aware of classes and specials that call to you.

In Love and light,


John & Valerie
Founder & Co-Owners

john@insightawareness.com & valerie@insightawareness.com